Prof. Christoph Wanner

University Hospital of Würzburg, Germany

Prof. Christoph Wanner is Professor of Medicine and head of the Division of Nephrology at the University Hospital of Würzburg, Germany

His research in the field of diabetic kidney disease, lipid disorders, and rare kidney diseases has been published in 900 pubmed referenced scientific papers and articles (Hirsch Index 101). He has been PI of the 4D study and steering committee member of the SHARP, the EMPA-REG Outcome, the EMPEROR & the EMPA-KIDNEY trials aiming in slowing the progression of kidney disease and improving cardiovascular outcomes.

He is currently an Associate Editor of the Clinical Kidney Journal of European Renal Association.

In 2012 he received a doctor honoris causa from the Charles University of Prague and the highest awards from the European Renal Association (ERA) and the German Society of Nephrology. Dr. Wanner is currently President of the ERA, being in office June 2020-2024.