Dr. Baruch Itzhak

Clalit Health Services and Technion Faculty of Medicine, Israel

Dr. Baruch Itzhak is a specialist in Family Medicine and Diabetologist at Clalit Health Services, Haifa, Israel.  He was graduated in medicine at Tel-Aviv university in 1986. He received his medical degree of Family Medicine at the Technion faculty of medicine, Haifa in 1994.

Dr. Itzhak is working as a clinician and diabetologist in primary care settings of Clalit Health Services in Israel. He is recognized as a teacher for medical students and residents in Family Medicine and Diabetes, and the project coordinator of Diabetes Education and Quality Assurance in the Community.  He is a member of EASD, Israel Association of Family Physicians, Israel National Diabetes council and the Israel Diabetes Association, and is involved in national and international projects of Diabetes and Prevention. Dr. Itzhak is a clinical investigator of Diabetes, Lipids and Hypertension Research Unit, Lin Medical Center, where he is involved in multiple clinical studies Phase 2b and Phase 3. His special interest   is in prevention of Diabetes and complications, early initiation and intensification of Insulin therapy among primary care providers. He has published many articles related to Diabetes and complications in primary care.

He is an active speaker in national and international conferences, and has participated in many advisory panels.

He is the current secretary of the D & CVD Study Group related to EASD and a council member of EPCCS.

He is a steering committee member of PCDE and an active member of WONCA Europe.